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Our privacy policy

Seismica is a free-to-publish, free-to-read, peer-reviewed journal for seismological research. It does not seek to financially profit from academic publishing in any form, which includes advertising or selling personal data. The Seismica reviewer database will store the ORCID and full name from users who sign up for this service, which are both publicly accessible from the user's ORCID account. Optionally, a user can provide additional personal information that will help the journal's editors to find suitable reviewers and to contact them. This personal information is only accessible by the journal's editors and administrators, and it will not be transferred to other parties. Users can choose to remove personal information or to delete their accounts at any time, upon which all personal information will be removed from the database.

When a user logs in, a session is created and stored in a cookie. This cookie is used only to identify the user, and to enable the basic website functionalities. This cookie will be automatically removed when the user logs out, or after a predefined period of time.

For questions or concerns regarding user privacy, please contact Seismica at info[at], or open an issue on our GitHub page.